Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Status Report: Interface and MountPoint Editor

The interface is currently in its third generation, providing a better structure to display different kinds of content. Before that, I only was able to display one class type in one container, types being either strings or different number types. With the new system I've worked out, it's easy to display any combination of interface components that support different class types, like shown below. The components are updated using a certain format.

Above you can see the mountpoint editor, which I recently have "finished". It can be used to create mount point files, but it needs some additional features in order to be fully functional. But I'll do that as I progress finishing the interface.

The structural changes also include different interface colors as can be seen below. Currently the colors gray, cyan and green are supported, I plan to implement red and purple as well.

On a bit more unrelated note, I've recently got my hands on sculptris, a 3D modelling software. I also made some models using it as practice below, to see what this program is capable of (for some reason it won't let me embed these pictures into this blog so links will do for now):

If all goes well, I will be able to implement some models into Starfire using sculptris. I look forward to that, as I also plan to add different alien (party intelligent) life forms, which will be surely tons of fun to make.

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